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Special Events for Class of 2023

The senior year experience at The Cushman School is filled with festive events designed to both celebrate this special year and also prepare our students to be “Innovators of Change.”

TBD in April

Senior Breakfast with Dr. Balseiro and Service Day

Seniors will join Dr. Balseiro on The Cushman School’s main/historic campus for a senior-only breakfast with the Head of School. After lunch, our senior Cougars will “give back” to Cushman by partnering with the elementary and primary school to help aid teachers in their classrooms while playing with the younger “cubs.”

February 3rd

Spirit Day

These festive sports competitions among grades and time outdoors with friends give balance to the academic schedule, college preparation and community service challenges. These days are not only great fun, but they build camaraderie among students, make for great memories and generate school spirit that binds our Cushman family. Go Cougars!

April 21st

Senior Grad Bash

Cushman’s Administration is sponsoring the Class of 2023 to Florida’s only senior graduation celebration in Orlando. Seniors will enjoy an exciting night with their friends filled with fun entertainment and thrilling rides at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

May 19th


Students and parents are invited to decorate their cars and participate in a celebration of goodbyes driving from our main campus to our high school. The best-decorated car wins prime seating at Graduation.

May 20th


Seniors have invited their junior classmates to enjoy a night of dining, dancing, and fun. This formal event is circled around an exciting theme with creative décor when seniors celebrate their time spent at Cushman.

May 18th


This traditional ceremony elevates the junior class to the leaders of the school and serves as an official send-off to our seniors. Graduates exchange a candle (a symbol of leadership, wisdom and knowledge) with a junior. In return, Graduates receive a rose as a symbol of love and friendship. This ceremony is followed by our parent/student lunch.

May 26th


We will enjoy the Class of 2023 Graduation in our newly-opened Play to Learn Performing Arts and Athletic Center.

Do you have questions? Please call us at 305.757.1966.